My Old Lady Movie 2014 - Poll Results

Your source for updates and discussion of the new Kevin Kline dramedy, which also stars Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas and Dominique Pinon.  The Paris-based dramatic comedy marks the film directorial debut of playwright and screenwriter Israel Horovitz. 

We conducted an informal poll around the office and our friends telling them to rate a film based on what we know about Israel Horovitz's play and the actors.  Unfortunately the results were not good.  Summary of the results:

People said things like:

"While it was ok for a live play, it sounds really boring for a full length movie..." - Alan S.

"Maggie Smith looks like an alien, making it hard to watch for a long time...the adorable old bag..."  - Susan P.

"Kristin Scott Thomas' accent is annoying" - Herik I.


A down-and-out New Yorker (Kevin Kline) travels to Paris to liquidate a huge, valuable apartment he has inherited from his estranged father. In Paris, the man finds a refined old lady (Maggie Smith) living in the apartment with her daughter.  He discovers that the old lady and his father were lovers for more than 50 years.


Kevin Kline

Maggie Smith

Kristin Scott Thomas

Directed by Israel Horovitz


Recent News:

According to this May article, filming began in Paris in September 2013: Variety
Here's where the news about Maggie Smith taking a role: Hollywood Reporter

Click here for a clip

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